Looking for things to do in Tucson and Southern Arizona? Come back to this page anytime; Adventures in the Home menu Bar. Below is a categorized list of some of the Adventures in Tucson and Southern Arizona that we’d like to recommend. What would you like to do?
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Mountain BikerNo one does biking better than Southern Arizona, whether it is Mountain Biking, Touring or Motorcycles. Join the Tour de Tucson, bike to Arivaca, take your Motorcycle to Apache Country. Browse the titles below for more ideas.


Elegant Trogon by Marcel Holyoak

Elegant Trogon by Marcel Holyoak

Southern Arizona is a birder’s paradise. From the Sandhill Cranes, the coveted Elegant Trogan, and the Green Kingfisher, birders flock to one of our many wildlife areas. Some areas boast over 200 varieties of birds.

Camping, RVs and Cabins

Bonita Creek Campground

Bonita Creek Campground

There is a wonderland of camping experiences at your beck and call. The Coronado National Forest dominates the surroundings, Arizona State Parks following, and some choice camping and RV venues. Be sure to check out the State Park cabin rentals as we believe them to be a real steal.
We hate to give our special finds away, but that is our job. In the summer, instead of heading to Mt. Lemmon, head up to Mt. Graham or Carr Canyon. Be sure to prepare, high clearance car, water, they are not your average campsites. Find the articles below.

Caves and Caverns

Colossal Cave Entrance for Adventure Tours

Colossal Cave offers Several Different Tours From Easy To Challenging.

Caves and Caverns for all skill levels. Take a guided tour at Colossal Cave Mountain Park or head out on your own at some of the other caves around Tucson, if you know what you are doing.

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Arivaca Lake fishingBelieve it or not we have fish, many lakes are amply stocked. Check the schedules at Arizona Game & Fish for your favorite fishing pond.


Morgan Tees Off

Morgan Tees Off at Silverbell Golf Course

Can’t beat the weather for golf. Whether it is cheap golf you are looking for or a resort course, we got em. For discount golf at any of our courses, try Golf Now!

Guided Tours

Want someone special to show you the area? Here are a few that might interest you.


Rocky pathWith our Sky Islands, there is plenty of opportunity to hike in any season. From short hikes, to day hikes, to the Arizona Trail, all skill levels. Southern Arizona’s got it. And you can’t beat the scenery.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding at Tombstone Monument Ranch.

Horseback riding at Tombstone Monument Ranch.

An equestrian’s heaven, horses are allowed just about anywhere you can hike.

Family Fun

Looking for something special to do with the kids? Look no further.

Road Trips

Cliffs Above Road From Portal To Chiricahua National Monument

Cliffs Above Road From Portal To Chiricahua National Monument

Scenic road trips are our favorite past time. Here we share some of our favorite adventures with you.


And along those road trips we find some pretty decent picnic places.

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