Gleeson SaloonThis listing is about the Southern Arizona ghost towns that we have found. There are more than a baker’s dozen. Ghost Towns in Arizona are mostly about mining, boom, and bust. Some of the Ghost Towns listed survive to a greater or lesser extent. Click here to see Tombstone in the 1930’s when it was almost a ghost town. Feel free to send us a note and tell us about a Ghost Town in your area. Read our stories below about some of the ghost towns we have found. Click on a hotspot in the map below or scroll down and browse a list. Explore on your own or take a tour. It has been reported that some ghost towns are currently restricted due to vandalism. Fairbank has an on-site docent most days when the Schoolhouse is open. The Friends of San Pedro River occasionally give tours of Charleston and Millville, as well as the old Clanton Ranch, Contention and the Charleston Cemetery, (hard to find).
We include Tombstone, Jerome, and Pearce even though some of them have made a successful comeback. Fun towns to visit for the history.

Ghost Towns of Southern Arizona

Ghost Tours of Southern Arizona

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