Duncan, AZ: 3 Sisters Bakery.

Duncan, AZ: 3 Sisters Bakery. A good place to stop on the way to Cliftion, Morenci’ and the Black Hills Back Country Byway.

Tucson Road Trips are our recommendations for the most interesting scenic back roads, ghost towns, destinations, and attractions suitable for a 2-3 day mini-vacation from Tucson.

With three days, these are fairly leisurely round-trip drives with lots of interesting stops along the way. Some involve driving on unpaved roads, but except after a recent hard rain, most are passable in a standard sedan, and none require four-wheel drive.
These 2-3 day getaways are especially interesting if you plan ahead and arrange to visit places that have special events during your journey, such as historical re-enactments, guided tours, concerts, and annual festivals. Check our Events Calendar for upcoming events all over Southern Arizona.

Car in Aravaipa Creek

February 2013 near the east entrance to Aravaipa Canyon. We had to cross Aravaipa Creek 6 or 8 times, but did not need a 4-wheel drive.

All of our recommended road trips, except Aravaipa Canyon, have decent dining & lodging somewhere along the way. Aravaipa Canyon is a Nature Conservancy Preserve. With a BLM permit, you can hike and camp in the 10-mile long canyon wilderness. On any given day, only 50 people are permitted. You can take your horse. You can’t take your dog.