The Sonoran Desert of Tucson and Southern Arizona is the greenest on the planet, receiving an average of 12 inches of rain a year, 6 in the monsoon summer and 6 in the winter. Following is a list of some of the Parks, Gardens and nature outings, where you can experience something special and unique. Some of these venues have an extended history. Here they are in no particular order. Click on the title for more information about these places. Please email us with your suggestions:

1. Las Lagunas de Anza Wetlands

Las Lagunas Wetlands is located in Nogalas, just off the I-19 freeway. It is one of the last natural wetlands left in Arizona. Painstakingly restored by the community of Nogales, this unique oasis, was a stopover on the De Anza expedition that led to San Francisco. Open from dawn to dusk, this oasis has shaded picnic tables, walking paths, storyboards, and floating docks making it a waterfowl haven. Read More