Tombstone, Arizona is the most famous town in the Old West and totally worth a visit, if you know where to go and what to avoid.
Below are some of our recommendations for Things To Do in Tombstone. Or for a quick peek, click on the hotspots on the map for select attractions.

Dr. Jay’s Walking Tour

Dr. Jay's Walking Tour of TombstoneTo friends & family who are about to visit Tombstone for the first time, we recommend Dr. Jay’s tour of this, the most storied town of the Old West. It’s about an hour walking tour and as enlightening as it is entertaining. Dr. Jay is one of the few who understand that the facts are far more interesting then the legends. See our Dr. Jay video here.

Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park

Photo courtesy of Goose Flats Graphics & Publishing.

Photo courtesy of Goose Flats Graphics.

(Corner of 3rd & Toughnut Street)
The old courthouse is now a fine museum that does a good job of separating fact from fiction in a town best known for exaggerated legend. I’ve only seen 2 claims made here that I know to be false. But there are many good exhibits that tell the story straightforward based on the more objective eyewitness accounts and historical records.

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