Welcome to SouthernArizonaGuide.com. My name is Jim Gressinger. I’m pleased to be your guide to this region many here affectionately refer to as ‘Baja’ Arizona due to its Spanish and Mexican heritage. Southern Arizona is distinctly different from Northern Arizona. Northern Arizona has a big hole in the ground. We have the beauty of the Sonoran Desert plus 7 Sky Islands.

What Makes Southern Arizona Guide Different?

  1. We Discriminate. Southern Arizona Guide is about ONLY THE BEST our region has to offer. Ours is not a government website. Nor is it a membership or association website (Chamber of Commerce or Convention & Visitors Bureau. VisitTucson.org and TucsonAttractions.com.). Unlike them, we don’t include the mediocre. For our visitors’ benefit, we discriminate between the good, the very good, and the not-so-good.
  2. It’s Personal. Our recommendations for what to see & do, where to dine & stay, are based on our personal experience, plus many helpful suggestions and comments from discerning friends and family members who are highly familiar with various aspects of this region. Sometimes our reviews actually agree with other reviewers.
  3. Most Useful Content. Southern Arizona Guide has more useful information than any other guide to this region. For example, we have OVER 100 DINING REVIEWS; including The 3 Best Mexican Restaurants; Top 10 Burgers; Top 10 Pizzas; and Top 10 Steakhouses. We also have far more ORIGINAL VIDEOS packed with compelling visuals and useful information than any other Arizona tourism site. In addition, the Guide has dozens of slideshows and photo features to guide you through some of the most scenic country and amazing events in Arizona.
  4. Objective Reviews. We do not trust online review sites, such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, or UrbanSpoon. We cannot know who is writing these reviews. What is their experience? Was that negative review written by a competitor? Was that favorable review written by the owner’s mother? Our Review Sections tell you what our criteria are. When we do a dining review, we usually take others with us. The rule is we all have to order something different so we can get a broad range of experiences. It is rare that a restaurant owner, manager, or chef knows we have reviewed their establishment until a week or so later when we publish it. If we write a negative review (which we do not like doing), we always let the owners know that we will re-review when they think we will have a good experience.
  5. Fresh, Accurate, and Relevant Information. The biggest problem with printed guides is that they are out-of-date the moment they come off the press. We add or update information weekly. You will find at least one new feature every week. Our Events Calendar is current, focusing on little-known events, non-profits, and little gems.
  6. Most Local History & Culture. Southern Arizona Guide has far more authentic local history than any other guide so you can better understand the significance of the historic sites you visit, such as the missions & presidios, Tombstone & Bisbee, Apache Country & Ghost Towns.