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Bisbee – A photographers dream.
Art & Artists – Some of the Art, artists and Museums that grace Tucson.
Science & Nature – Birds, critters, monsoons and other interesting phenomena.
History & Culture – Southern Arizona history and culture.
Bisbee – Bisbee is a photographer’s dream.
Tombstone – Tombstone always has something interesting to report on.
Tucson – There is always something to see and do in Tucson.
Lodging – A few special places to stay.
Festivals, Events & Parades – There is no lack of things to do in Southern Arizona.
Miscellaneous – Odds and ends we found interesting.
Videos by Mike Foster – Videos produced by Mike Foster of San Pedro River Videos.

All of our videos and slideshows can also be found in their related section. For example, our 8 original Tombstone videos can be found in the Tombstone section. Below are the links to all of our videos.
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Bisbee is a Photographer’s Dream

Bisbee Mining Museum
Copper Queen Mine Tour
A Bisbee Guest House
Jimmy's Hot Dog Company
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Always Something Interesting in Tombstone

Tombstone:Tourism or Legend?
Bird Cage Theater
Tombstone Walking Tour
Tombstone Bordello B&B
Tom McLaury, Cowboy
Virgil Earp
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Art, Artists and Museums that Grace Tucson


Southern Arizona History and Culture


Birds, Critters, Monsoons & Interesting Photography

A Few Special Places to Stay

Always Something to See and Do in Tucson

Interesting Odds and ends

Videos by Mike Foster