Tubac Presidio Painting

Tubac Presidio circa 1774, a year before it was abandoned in favor of a new fort at Tucson. Painting by William Ahrendt .

Here are our recommendations for things to do In Tubac AZ including: dining, lodging, history, and nearby attractions.

[—TAG:h3—]The historic Village of Tubac is about 45 minutes south of Tucson via I-19. Today, Tubac is mostly known as an arts colony, but its centerpiece is the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park.

When the Spanish first came to this region, they build a presidio (fort) at Tubac and a mission 3 miles south at Tumacácori. Although they struggled mightily to hold on to these remote outposts, in both cases the Spanish were chased out by Apaches.

Today, you can spend a day leisurely perusing the Park’s exhibits and exploring the 100+ galleries, shops, and restaurants of Tubac.

As beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, we do not recommend any particular art gallery, although several are exceptionally fine and among our favorites. Some of our framed art, our living room rug, and almost all of our patio furniture came from Tubac. Here is a link to some favorite shops in Tubac.

North of Tubac

Perhaps 20 minutes north of Tubac just to the west of I-19 is the Titan Missile Museum. If you have any sense of the Cold War, this place will scare the begeebers out of you. Click here for our Titan II Missile Museum Video.

South of Tubac

About 3 miles south of Tubac on on the frontage road is Mission Tumacácori. This is a National Park. Just go. You’ll thank us later. Take the Guided River Walk Tour or hike from Tumacácori to Tubac along the Santa Cruz River. There’s water in it! In the meantime, you can find our 3 videos on this page on Tumacácori here.

On the Frontage road between Tubac and Tumacácori is Wisdom’s Cafe’, one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants. Note: Wisdom’s is not open Sundays.

Annual Events
For a complete list of Tubac Calendar Of Events, click here.

Tubac Festival of the Arts

Tubac Festival of the Arts

Tubac Festival of the Arts. This is a very big art show with everything from exceptionally fine paintings to whimsical sculptures.

There’s music and other performances as well as plenty of food options.

Anza Days
Intricately linked by a common history, Tubac and Tumacácori celebrate Anza Day together each October. The day starts with a mass in the old church at Tumacacori. Then, Anza and his horse soldiers ride from Tumacácori to Tubac along the Santa Cruz River on the Juan Bautista de Anza Historic Trail. This is a fun day for the whole family.

You will enjoy the festivities all the more if you understand the amazing history of these two places. Click here for a very brief historical overview and a map of the 1200-mile route Anza took in 1775-76 with 30 families and their livestock. Then ask yourself if you would have taken your family along with your cattle and goats on this journey across harsh and unknown deserts peopled with American Indians who don’t much care for your intrusion. This journey would have been brutal, but somehow they all survived.

La Fiesta de Tumacácori

This Fiesta celebrates the primary cultures that make up Southern Arizona: Tohono O’odham, Spanish, Mexican, Pasqua Yaqui, and Anglo. The weekend party features around fifty food and craft booths, continuous live entertainment, and children’s activities each day. On Sunday, the day begins at 10:00 a.m. in front of the Visitor Center with a procession through the Fiesta grounds to the historic church, followed by a traditional Mariachi Mass in front of the church. The mission grounds and park are open throughout the weekend and admission is free.

Tubac Dining

We can recommend Shelby’s, Raggazi, Wisdom’s, and Firefly in Amado. Click HERE for our Tubac area dining reviews.

Tubac Lodging

Tubac Golf Resort

Tubac Golf Resort

If you like staying at golf resorts, we highly recommend Tubac Golf Resort. It’s one mile north of the Village.

They have about everything you’d expect from a fine resort: 27 holes of gold, Spa, Restaurants, Tennis Court, Room Service, etc.

Tubac Country Inn

Tubac Country Inn

If you’d rather stay in a cozy Bed & Breakfast right in the Village, we recommend Tubac Country Inn. All rooms have their own kitchenette and private entrance. And they all overlook a private desert garden.

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