San Pedro RiverThe San Pedro River emerges from just south of Sierra Vista, AZ and flows north for approximately 150 miles where it meets the Gila River. The only river left undammed in the Southwest, it is a major conservation corridor and home to hundreds of species of native and migratory birds and many diverse kinds of wildlife such as beaver and coati. Following are stories of life along this river and the effort to save it. Some of these articles are courtesy of the Friends of the San Pedro River. Please consider joining the conservation effort. If Birdwatching is your interest, please visit our 10 Best Birding Hotspots in Southern Arizona!

In addition to birdwatching, there are several places within the SPRNCA worth visiting. Fairbank is a ghost town on the San Pedro River about 10 miles west of Tombstone.The Murray Springs Clovis Site is where Paleo-Indians camped while hunting large mammals. Not far is a Mammoth-Kill site where these Stone Age people killed and butchered, not only mammoths, but also camels, tapirs, bison, and bear. This they excelled at despite themselves being hunted by such monsters as Sabre-Tooth Tigers.
Below is a list of other San Pedro River stories that might interest you.