I just shared the link to the Southern Arizona Guide with friends of family visiting from Indiana in March. What a great resource! Your Guide makes it so much easier to share what we have to offer visitors and locals alike. Great Job!
Shawn Barghout, Tucson


I’m so pleased to see that Jim Gressinger, with the indispensable assistance of Ms. Karen, have put their considerable talents to work to share their knowledge of Southern Arizona, with the introduction of the SouthernArizonaGuide.com.

I had been to Southern Arizona before, but really got to know the history and cultural heritage as their guest. I stayed in their beautiful casita several times before deciding to move to Tucson. Their hospitality was unmatched (4 o’clock peanut time and wonderful southwestern touches in the casita). They were both so knowledgeable about the best shopping, dining, and regional attractions that I quickly felt right at home.

Jim’s videos are one of the features that make Southern Arizona Guide stand out. They are great quality and are optimized so that I can watch them even on my slow DSL in the Catalina Foothills.

Viewing the videos, I discovered new perspectives on places that I’ve been, but had never experienced them the way Jim portrays them – such as the current view of Allen Street in Tombstone as well as in the 1880’s.

I particularly appreciate ‘Jim’s Picks & Pans’ because he is not financially connected to the restaurants, lodging and attractions he reviews on his Guide.

Southern Arizona Guide is my preferred choice when I’m looking for something new and interesting to do on a weekend or when guests are in town to enjoy our beautiful Southern Arizona weather and want to see the sights and experience our best restaurants.
Sue Miess; Tucson.


I like the original videos, features, local history, and honest restaurant reviews. I read Southern Arizona Guide like I read a good travel magazine, and love that I learn about this and that along the way. Well done, sir!
Lynne Ratte’; Florida


Recently I found a great website through a patient. It’s called Southern Arizona Guide. It is a comprehensive guide on what to do and where to go, eat and stay in Southern Arizona. You may find it useful when planning a day trip or looking for a great restaurant in our area, especially when you have visitors.

Several things I find very useful. First, are the videos. Jim visits places of interest, interviews people, and takes great videos. These videos are very educational. Even for the places I have been to before, I enjoy watching them. They make me feel I am there again, and I learn something I didn’t know about that place before.

Second, when my friends are planning their trip to Tucson and ask me for suggestions, these videos, restaurant reviews, and features become very handy. I just send them the website and tell them to check it out. Finally, Southern Arizona Guide has a Kidz Picks section that recommends places to go with kids of different ages. I am naturally interested in this because I have a 10-year old boy.

Happy Chinese New Year! It is Monday, Jan. 23 (2012). Dragon Year will be the most auspicious and prosperous year. May health and happiness be with you.
Dr. Clare; Tucson Arizona
Y. Clare Zhang, PhD, MAcOM, LAc
Practice of Oriental Medicine


I love your Southern Arizona Guide. It makes me want to come back to Tucson!!
Kathy Osmus; Wisconsin.


Recently, my wife and her dear friend visiting from back east found your Southern Arizona Guide to be a treasure trove of facts and personal advice on how to enjoyably explore “our little corner of the world.”

After considering a multitude of daytrip options, they chose a plan that included the Titan Missile Museum, lunch at Elvira’s, shopping in Tubac, and a stop at the San Xavier mission on the return to Tucson. Based on the details provided for each locale, they were confident their itinerary would be feasible, fun and even educational.

They returned with smiles on their faces and purchases in hand. Their recounting of their day confirmed to me that your descriptions, personal observations and suggestions were spot-on. Jim, thanks for putting together such a wonderful resource. I have no doubt that it will become the “go to” guide for all who visit or live in this region.
Gil Shapiro; Tucson, AZ.


I have been to several of the restaurants and attractions described in the Southern Arizona Guide and am impressed with the honest reviews and accurate descriptions as well as the historical background provided. Particularly engaging is the extensive use of video instead of mere snapshots. It’s like I’m there again.

Southern Arizona Guide features many hidden gems that I heretofore did not know about, but will definitely visit when I return. The writing is compelling, a quality one seldom finds in guides of this nature. Finally, this Guide is easy to navigate, something I really appreciate. Well done.
Kent Woodry; Lake Forest, CA.


I have lived in Tucson for 40 years, and I thought I knew it well. After reading Jim’s SouthernArizonaGuide.com, I was surprised to learn that Tucson has a museum of antique cars (Franklins 1902-1934), and a museum of miniatures, among other hidden treasures. I had no idea that the Bisbee Mining & History Museum is affiliated with the Smithsonian (excellent exhibits) or that just south of Tucson is the only remaining Titan II Missile silo and a terrific tour.

When I first moved to Tucson, Tubac was nothing. Through the Guide I learned that it’s now a thriving artist colony with first-class restaurants and shopping for everyone. I have now dined at two of Jim’s Picks there; Elvira’s & Shelby’s Bistro. Excellent both. The owner-chef at Elvira’s responded to our compliments over his chicken mole by preparing a complete take-home meal free of charge. Remarkable hospitality!

Some weeks later, I responded to another of Jim’s dining recommendation – Wildflower on Oracle. I was so impressed that when friends from back east visited recently I took them to Wildflower because they wanted to experience Southwestern cuisine. They liked the experience so much they even mentioned it in their ‘thank you’ note.

I find myself getting re-acquainted with Tucson and Southern Arizona and am thoroughly enjoying the adventures – all thanks to Jim who works tirelessly to identify the best restaurants, shops, galleries, museums, and other attractions. And his features on local history have given me greater appreciation of the new-to-me places I am discovering through the Guide.

I highly commend his taste in art, cuisine, shopping, and unique places of lodging, such as Tanque Verde Guest Ranch on the far east side of Tucson, and The Calumet & Arizona Guest House (B&B) in Bisbee.
Best to Everyone.
R.J. Kurtz; Tucson, AZ.