Keeping busy.

Hi Folks,
We have replaced our events page for now. There are no events. You can still visit our Annual Events page here.  We believe in hoping for the best but planning for the worst.

There is really no point in posting events because they have all been canceled or postponed. Our website is not immune to the far-reaching effects of this global pandemic.  We have lost business too, hopefully, temporarily, we have lost readership. No one wants to read about what there is to do anywhere. But while the news is telling you to STAY HOME, I am pretty sure that means, be safe. Don't go spreading your germs around. Practice "Social Distancing." Limit your exposure to others as best you can. If you wash your hands often, you are less likely to pick up a germ or pass one on. It is as simple as that. If you have a cold, cough or runny nose, wear a mask, please, when going out in public. Protect your loved ones and others.


Currently, we are allowed to go to grocery stores looking for goods that are not on the shelves. But, do you know, many grocery stores deliver? AND you might just get some toilet paper that way. Safeway actually has a $99 a year delivery program. That comes to $8 a month and you only have to order $30 to get delivery. Think about it. You can also join on a monthly plan in hopes that this quarantine does not last as long as we think it will.  They have a free trial but if you purchase a delivery, the trial is over. I signed up but there were a lot of things that were out of stock and it would have taken 4 days to deliver. I may rethink my Free Trial.

Costco's Senior Days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8 to 9 am for those over 60. What a treat! I do hear that lines are long at these times. I'll let you know.

Sears at the Mall is closing its doors if you dare or if they haven't already.


Donate to your local Community Food Bank. There will be plenty of people who will appreciate it soon.

Flying Leap Vineyards & Distillery has joined up with Sia Botanics to bring you Hand Sanitizer.  OR you can make your own with 60% grade Alcohol and Aloe from your yard.

Support our advertisers who support us. Here is the page to the Museum of Miniatures.  Consider purchasing a membership.

Rancho Rossa, the vineyard with a heart, and one of our favorites will ship free with a purchase of 3 bottles or more. Say hi to Chris and Breanna for us.

April 4 is the deadline for the Javelina de Tubac Online Auction to benefit the non-profit Tubac Arts community. These Javelinas are HOT!

The Fox Tucson Theatre is busy rescheduling events for you. If you already have tickets, you will be contacted.
This Friday, April 3rd the Fox will be hosting a Virtual Concert on Facebook. Please join and donate.

Agua Caliente Park is open but the buildings are closed. Please practice safe distancing. It will be closed Easter Sunday.


So, now, what can we do? How about a veggie garden? Take walks. Get fit with an online exercise course. Clean out that closet. Take the stuff you don't need to your favorite thrift shop.
You can still take a drive out to Whitewater Draw. Take a picnic lunch. I am not entirely sure if any Sandhill Cranes are there, (they usually leave around February)  but I am sure there are other critters and that the pond is full. What a season of rain we have had. It should be a good season for the grapes. We'll have to check with the wineries. Maybe you can stop by and buy a bottle of wine or two. Some of them you can purchase online. Not as much fun, but it will help them get through these times.

If you are a history buff and love ghost towns and mining camps, well, only the ghosts are there to complain. You can read about some of the ghost towns you can visit here. Not far from Patagonia are a few mining camps you can discover on your own.

Make your own facial mask. This is my favorite video. Quick and easy. Make several. Be chic. You would have to contact the hospitals directly to see what their specifications are and if they are in need.


Read a book. Here is our list of recommended reading. ( If you purchase from Amazon we get a small cut.)


Some restaurants are open for take-out or delivery. IF you want to see your favorite restaurant open when things return to normal, buy a gift card.
Here are the restaurants that have reported to that they are open. And YES, Gourmet Girls is open. (Shameless Plug) Tell them we sent you.

And a big thank you to Jo Schneider from La Cocina who is feeding unemployed restaurant workers.

Be well, stay well. This too will pass. And we will eventually heal and hopefully have learned something from this tragedy.