Parking meters are $1.00/hour with 1/2 hour to 2 hour limits 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday downtown or 7 days a week around the University. Free holidays. Most areas are now equipped with Smart Meters which can take a credit card or you can pay with your phone and an app which you can get here.
The Modern Sun Link Streetcars are a fun way to go. For $4 you can buy an all day ticket with transfers to the Sun Tran bus line. Sun Link covers a 4 mile stretch of important Tucson venues, including the Mercado, Downtown, 4th Avenue, Main Gate Square, and the University. We like to park at the Mercado on the westside, where there is plenty of free parking. For a map and more information go to the Official Sun Link site. You must purchase tickets in advance and have a credit card. Outlets to purchase tickets with cash are in the works.