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Tucson, Arizona

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Jan 31 2021 - Mar 07 2021

Save Our Saguaros

Save Our Saguaros, SOS, month is about learning about the menace in our desert and our own neighborhoods! You may have heard of SOS Month in years past, during which hundreds of people get together to remove buffelgrass from the places they care about most.

However, SOS month is going to look a little different this year. Due to COVID-19, we are making some changes. There will still be some smaller pulls (see more information on those) but we are also hosting a

Save Our Saguaros Map-A-Thon!

We want you to go out and map buffelgrass where you live, work, and play, anywhere you find it! We have prizes!! For more information, or to sign up, visit this link

Buffelgrass is an invasive grass that threatens the iconic Saguaro cactus. In our Sonoran Desert ecosystem, there are many open spaces, but buffelgrass fills in all that space, creating a continuous flammable carpet. Most of our native plants are not adapted to fire. In contrast, buffelgrass thrives on fire. This is one of the major dangers of buffelgrass. If a fire occurs in an uninvaded desert setting, it burns out quickly, but if fire starts in a buffelgrass-invaded desert, it will spread rapidly as far as this fire-loving grass will carry it. Buffelgrass fueled fires can convert a rich desert ecosystem into a barren buffelgrass grassland almost overnight. Did you know that buffelgrass also grows in the city? Buffelgrass grows in both wild and urban environments, as well as the areas in between. It poses a threat to the native plants and animals in the desert, but also to our homes, pets and loved ones.

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