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Nov 13 2021


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Over The Edge


As the largest leadership organization for girls in the world, Girl Scouts unlock opportunities that lie at the edge of their comfort zone. By learning strategies to overcome obstacles, face adversity and take their curiosity to new heights, Girl Scouts create strong and courageous leaders of tomorrow. This November 13th, Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona challenges you to go beyond your limitations and go over the edge to support girls in our community.

In partnership with Over The Edge, a professional event and rappelling organization, The Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona invites adults to rappel down a 17-story building in an exciting and completely safe environment. Each rappeler will fundraise $1000 individually which will go directly to impact girls in Southern Arizona by allowing the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona to continue developing and refining innovative programs and opportunities for every girl who wants to be a Girl Scout—including girls in foster care, girls impacted by incarceration, girls experiencing poverty, and girls who otherwise would not have the opportunity. Each rappeler's experience is completely individual, and many find it an incredible opportunity to achieve personal growth, accomplishment, and a sense of pride once they have gone Over The Edge. Every participant is a shining example of how we can overcome adversity and use our collective strength to achieve what may seem impossible.

Join us and Rappel to Propel Girls in our Community!


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