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Sep 25 2020


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Borderlands: Live Virtual Theatre Festival

Two weekends of readings of 6 new plays by Latinx playwrights as a celebration of resilience.

In 2017 Milagro, Portland’s historic Latinx Theatre launched INGENIO, a space where Latino/a/x playwrights of all races can develop their plays in a safe, supportive environment with mentors and artists to whom they can relate and support their script being driven to the next stage of production.

The INGENIO process provides an intrinsic step in the growth and development of several new full-length theatrical works each year. A long term change-maker, INGENIO interrupts many of the given reasons gatekeeping structures of predominantly white theatrical institutions give for not accepting more plays by Latina/o/x writers. Rehearsals and workshops culminate in readings and feedback sessions with audiences of theatre professionals and members of the public.

Due to the ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic, INGENIO 2020 moves to the digital realm, with rehearsals, workshops, and readings shifting online. INGENIO 2020 offers the opportunity for collaboration beyond geographical limitations, being produced this year in association with Teatros Unidos, an emerging collective of Latinx theatre organizations. In a time of darkness and isolation, Teatros Unidos has been a beacon for all of the good that can come out of this terribly confusing moment. Theatre is being challenged to figure out how it will translate itself into the next chapter.

In addition to Milagro, readings will be presented by Baktun12 & Borderlands Theater, Cara Mía Theatre & Teatro Vivo, In The Margin Theatre, Teatro Luna West, and TuYo Theatre.

Schedule of the 2020 INGENIO Festival
Friday, September 25th
5:00pm PDT Milagro Presents: The Play You Want by Bernardo Cubrîa

Saturday, September 26th
5:00pm PDT Baktun12 & Borderlands Theater Present: Sancocho by Christin Eve Cato

Sunday, September 27th
5:00pm PDT Cara Mia Theatre & Teatro Vivo Present: spayce boys by Mateo Hernandez

Friday, October 2nd
5:00pm PDT In The Margin Theatre Presents: Sabor by AnaSofîa Villanueva

Saturday, October 3rd
5:00pm PDT TuYo Theatre Presents: Saints Go Marching by Matt Barbot

Sunday, October 4th
5:00pm PDT Teatro Luna West Presents: City Without Altar by Jasminne Mendez

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