Tanque Verde Ranch

Tucson & Baja Arizona have a wealth of fine lodging places: dude ranches, historic inns, quaint B&B’s, luxury hotels, and upscale resorts. As with our dining category, I tend to recommend those places that have some historic significance, such as Arizona Inn, or are otherwise unique to our area, such as Tanque Verde Ranch.

I want to stay at a place that’s clean and comfortable, of course. But I also appreciate originality and authenticity. Real history and cultural heritage are important. If they are located on a scenic backroad and near points of interest, all the better. Proximity matters too. If they also offer good food, good wine, and good service, they will rate very highly with me.

As with dining, I rate lodging in saguaros: 3 = OK. 4 = Very Good. 5 = Outstanding. Among the best of the best in Southern Arizona. Anything less than a 4-Saguaro rating is not a Southern Arizona Guide recommendation.