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Yuma Crossing Bridges

Two bridges, one for autos and one for trains, cross the Colorado River at Yuma Crossing.

As far a we can tell, without the Colorado River, there would be no Yuma, Arizona. However, because Yuma has abundant water from the River, this Southwest Arizona City has an abundance of attractions for locals and snowbirds alike.

Moreover, we at Southern Arizona Guide recently discovered that Yuma is in Southern Arizona. So, on our return from Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) the last week of 2016, we stopped in Yuma to find out what it’s all about. We spent a delightful evening and morning exploring, but there is so much to see and do in Yuma that we want to return soon ... hopefully during one of their many annual festivals.

Where To Stay In Yuma

For our one night, we stayed at the Historic Coronado Motor Hotel. Quite comfortable. Our room had a full kitchen. The nightly rate included an excellent full breakfast at Yuma Landing Bar & Grill just down the street. Both are owned by John & Yvonne Peach. As they have a museum collection, I'm looking forward to talking with them when we return.

The Mighty Colorado River: America's Nile.

Yuma and its surrounding area are rich in agriculture, supplying a huge portion of America’s winter vegetables. In other words, the Colorado River, the most heavily dammed waterway in America; its water distributed through numerous aqueducts, has turned this barren desert into a vast garden paradise.

Yuma Arizona AgricultureThe cities of the great Southwest as we know them today could not exist without Colorado River water for drinking, agriculture, and hydroelectric power. Without the Colorado, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Tucson would still be minor cities or merely small settlements.

No One Has Ever Had To Shovel Sunshine

Yuma also benefits from mild winters that attract tens of thousands of snowbirds who are just trying to get warm without shoveling snow. The Yuma Chamber of Commerce claims they have 350 days of sunshine in a typical year … and no one has ever had to shovel sunshine.

We have passed through Yuma on I-8 many times on our way from Tucson to Southern California where we have family living on the Pacific Coast. Till now, we have only stopped once to stretch our legs. On that occasion we visited Yuma Territorial Prison just off the freeway. We just didn’t stay long enough to really appreciate the history here.

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