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On a beautiful Friday evening just before Christmas (2011), Ms. Karen, Ms. Sue, and I went out to dinner at Caffe’ Milano adjacent to the restored Fox Theater downtown Tucson. Both would be a new experience for us. One of the attractions was going to be the theater itself in all its historically glorious Southwestern Art Deco motif. (More on the Fox in a moment)

The central purpose of our evening was to see Aaron Neville one of our favorite singers, perform. (More on the performance in a moment.)
Fox Tucson TheatreOldies, Goodies, & Low Expectations
Ms. Karen and Ms. Sue have delighted in Aaron Neville’s musical arrangements, poetic, storytelling lyrics, and that magnificent voice, going back to 1966 with his first hit record, Tell It Like It Is. (Are we really that old?)

Aaron-Neville-Portrait-300x300 Ms. Karen & I went to see Aaron perform in Baltimore (MD) maybe 14 or 15 years ago, and he was terrific; a powerful, dynamic performance to say the very least. At the end, Aaron was still going strong and we were emotionally drained, but still wanting more.

However, I know well the toll the years take on all of us and I thoroughly expected an abbreviated, less energetic performance now. After all, the man is 70-years-old. But I knew the girls would still enjoy his music and that was my Christmas present to both. Great presents don’t have to come wrapped under the Christmas tree.