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TOMBSTONE'S RAILROAD CENTENNIAL reprinted with permission from Tombstone Times.
by Larry Jensen & Ray Madzia

Tombstone Train 1903
Picture the day. Feel the event. The Railroad was coming to Tombstone!!!! It had been nearly 25 years that folks had been arriving in Tombstone, but not by rail. The railroad had not laid tracks and Tombstone was accessible only by horse and buggy so to speak. So here it is. The day has finally arrived and the streets are filled with the expectation of the very first train to arrive in Tombstone. The streets are all decorated. The shop windows display the banners and ribbons that had been readied for this historic event. From the top of the surrounding hills one could hear the trumpeting gun salutes announcing the arrival of the very first train into Tombstone. Picnic lunches were prepared. Ladies were dressed in their finest. Gentlemen were speaking in unison with pride and joy regarding this historic event for their town of Tombstone. And children were playing train engineer with their toy wagons. This was an event to beat all events in this mining town, as the advent of the railroad into Tombstone would mark the future of this "town too tough to die". We are presenting the following article with some interesting facts regarding the true history of the railroad's arrival in Tombstone in April of 1903. Editor Read More