The Creosote or Greasewood: Good for What Ails You!

Creosote Bush

Share me!On a trip to Sonora Mexico Kim Stone a horticulturist from Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Arizona learns about the ways greasewood or creosote bush is utilized as a remedy and why it is called greasewood. Mike Foster, San Pedro River Videos, is an ardent supporter of the Friends of … Continue reading

The Return of the Beaver to the San Pedro River

San Pedro River Beaver

Share me!The Friends of the San Pedro River and the Bureau of Land Management are working together to restore the beaver population to the Lower San Pedro Riparian Area. Watch this fascinating video, covering the history of the San Pedro and the reestablishment of the beaver population; and how the … Continue reading

Reintroducing the Beaver to the San Pedro River

Reintroduction of the Beaver

Share me!After a 100 year absence from the San Pedro River of Southeastern Arizona the American Beaver is reintroduced. This video explores the history of the area and how pioneer, mining, military and ranching activities lead to the demise of the beaver presence in the San Pedro River. A thorough … Continue reading

Cottonwoods: The Largest Trees in Arizona

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Cottonw

Share me! Cottonwoods are the largest trees in Arizona. This video, explaining the cottonwood at length is part of an educational series, by the Friends of the San Pedro River. Learn more about how the cottonwood contributes to the ecosystem and protects the San Pedro Riparian Area in this video. … Continue reading

Javelina of the San Pedro River


Share me!If you live in Southern Arizona, you probably have seen javelina from time to time, but you may not know much about them. This eductional video explores the javelina and their habitat along the San Pedro River, clearing up misconceptions along the way. Mike Foster, San Pedro River Videos, … Continue reading

Saving the San Pedro River

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Saving the San Pedro River

Share me!In this short video, you can see what has happened over the past 100 years to the rivers in Arizona. The San Pedro River and Riparian area is important to hundreds of species of birds and other wildlife and a critcal part of the migration path. The following video … Continue reading

Birds of the San Pedro River Region

Hummingbird nest

Share me! Take a tour of the San Pedro River and find out why there are so many species of birds here, many of which are identified for you. Here on the San Pedro you might see the Grey Hawk or Green Kingfisher, usually a resident further south in Mexico. … Continue reading

A Day At The San Pedro River

San Pedro River

6:30 AM. Early yesterday, I met LuAnne at Murray Springs. As the PR gal for Cochise County she knows a lot about the San Pedro River Valley in general and birding in these parts in particular. We hiked the 0.3 mile loop at the Clovis archeological site and checked out the half dozen interpretive signs [...]

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Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast

A portion of the courtyard at Casa de San Pedro.

Share me!We wholeheartedly recommend Casa de San Pedro Bed & Breakfast whether you’re a birdwatcher or just want to hike in the cool shade of the big trees along the San Pedro River. Karl & Patrick are terrific innkeepers. The grounds are very pleasant. And it’s located within a stones … Continue reading