Scenic Southern Arizona Photography by John Ashley

Signal Hill Petroglyphs

Southern Arizona is one of the most beautiful places for photography on the planet earth. Photographer John Ashley has captured some of the beauty of the Sonoran Desert and nearby environs in this slideshow video, including the migration of the Sandhill Cranes just south of Willcox.

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Monsoon Clouds Over Tucson AZ: Local Photographer, John Edwards.

Monsoon Clouds Over Tucson

Most of the year, Southern Arizona has low humidity. But during our wet summer months, the giant thunderheads of our Monsoon Season rise over the desert. Few have capture the grandeur of these weather events so beautifully as local photographer, John Edwards. I chose the accompanying music to give viewers the sense of power unleashed by these storms that can drop 2 inches of rain in less than 20 minutes. Following a monsoon burst, our dry rivers rise very quickly and cause streets to flood.

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Center for Creative Photography

The Center for Creative Photography houses an extensive collection of North America’s most legendary photographers, including Ansel Adams and Edward Weston. Periodically, it also exhibits some of the most important photographers of the recent past. If you love photography, this place is a must-visit. CCP is not easy to find, … Continue reading