Sawmill Run Restaurant, Summerhaven: A Review

Patio Dining At Sawmill Run On A Fine June Afternoon.

June 2012 To escape the oppressive June heat a few weeks ago, we drove up to Mt. Lemmon for the day. Traveling with Ms. Karen & me were her brother & our sister-in-law, Cliff & Lynne, visiting from Florida for the first time. Another reason I wanted to go was that I had heard there […]

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To Mt. Lemmon Sky Center & Outer Space!

Kitt Peak observable gallaxies

I thought our grandchildren might enjoy a nighttime astronomy program so when Groupon offered half-price tickets to the Sky Center atop Mt Lemmon, I snapped up five and made reservations for late August when our 14.5 and 16 year-old grandsons, Morgan & Jon, where scheduled to visit here for a few weeks.

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Hiking Mt. Lemmon – The Butterfly Trail

Butterfly Trail

Our friends, Michael and Diane, frequently camp and hike on Mt. Lemmon. I asked them to suggest the best campsites and trails. Here is Diane’s hiking report. The Butterfly Trail is one of our favorites. A nice thing about this hike in the summer is that much of it is … Continue reading

Mt. Lemmon Camping

One Of Many Vacant Campgrounds On Mt. Lemmon

Our dear friends Michael and Diane file this report on camping at Mt. Lemmon.
Our favorite campground on Mt Lemmon is Spencer Canyon. It’s the campground at the highest elevation – around 8,000 feet.  It’s the coolest in the summer, so you can still enjoy a campfire if allowed. (Currently, fires of any kind are off limits.)

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Iron Door Restaurant: Mt. Lemmon

Ski Valley Iron Door

The Iron Door is at the top of Mt. Lemmon. Good burgers, sandwiches, chili. Fresh baked pies. Weather permitting, ask to be seated on the patio. Hummingbird feeders hang all over the eaves. Service can be sketchy if they are not prepared for a crowd or someone doesn’t show up … Continue reading

Coronado National Forest Recreation

The Coronado National Forest is big and diverse. It includes the Santa Catalina Mountains including Mt. Lemmon, Santa Ritas home to Mt. Wrightson and Madera Canyon, the Huachuca Mountains of which Ramsey and Carr Canyons are well known, the Pinaleno Mountains of which Mt. Graham is the highest peak, Chiracahua … Continue reading

Ski Valley – Mount Lemmon

In winter, Ski Valley is the southernmost ski resort in the United States. (Probably also the smallest) In summer, the lift is usually open. Kids love to ride the lift to the rim for a grand view of greater Tucson below. And yes, they can hike around up there. In … Continue reading

Summerhaven Village

Patio Dining At Sawmill Run On A Fine June Afternoon.

Summerhaven is a quaint little village near the summit of Mt. Lemmon. The 2003 Aspen fire destroyed 84,000 acres and most of the village. Residents have been busy rebuilding. Volunteers have been busy re-planting. There are a couple of new restaurants, the SawMill shown here, and lots of new, larger … Continue reading