Vivace – Fine Italian Dining: Guest Review

Vivace Italian Restaurant

Scott & Sheryl Reed are friends from Wisconsin who have stayed with Ms. Karen and me several times. Last year they dined at Vivace and thought the experience so exceptional they wanted to go again and this time write a review. With those I know to have discriminating tastes, I will occasionally invite them to […]

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Scordato’s Pizzeria (formerly Pizzeria Vivace )- Central Tucson

Designer Pizza

Updated July 2012 – Recently renamed Scordatos, after the owner, because people kept confusing it with Vivace, I had never heard of Pizzeria Vivace (pronounced Va-Vaa’-Chee) until I was looking though some other restaurant reviews recently and found that it was rated very highly. It’s located in the St. Philip’s … Continue reading

Trattoria Pina

trattoria pina

I seldom go to an Italian restaurant the first time and not order lasagna. I love lasagna. And Trattoria Pena’s is as good as I have ever had.

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North at La Encantada

Generally, my criteria for dining recommendations includes ‘authenticity’, as in authentically Tucson. I’m gonna make an exception, ’cause North is that good. I almost never go to a shopping mall, but North is located at the far end of La Encantada, Tucson’s attempt to recreate Rodeo Drive.

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