Bisbee Grand Hotel Bed & Breakfast: A Review.

I have had the pleasure of staying in many historical hotels & inns, including European castles. Considering their antiquity, travelers have to decide if the experience of living temporarily in a relic is worth doing without certain modern amenities and putting up with a few quirks & inconveniences.

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Ghosts and Ghost Tours of Bisbee

Upstairs at the Grand Hotel in Bisbee Historic District

Ghosts like Bisbee or perhaps Bisbee likes their Ghosts. I have stayed overnight at the Eldorado Suites Hotel in Bisbee, but did not encounter any ghosts. Nor was I promised any such encounters. Lots of places in Bisbee are “said” to be haunted. The historic old Grand Hotel on Main Street, for example. Lindsey, the bartender there described to me several otherworldly “events” she had personally experienced. Spooky.

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Thar Be Ghosts In Downtown Tucson!

Bisbee Hearse Ghost Tour

Despite the fact that yesterday, June 15, 2012, the official daytime temperature at Downtown Tucson was 104 degrees, last night was downright chilling. Allow me to explain. I had signed up for a ghost tour of Downtown. Mounted on Zippy, my trusty red scooter, I met our ghost host, Jean Pierre, at the appointed time […]

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