Send Some Apaches To New York. That’ll Show ‘Em!

Chiricahua Apaches 1886

Like so many others, I enjoy local histories. Understanding history is how I get a sense of the places and people I visit as I travel around Baja Arizona creating my videos, photographs, stories, and reviews to share with you on my Southern Arizona Guide. Of late, I have been reading extensively about the Apache […]

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Geronimo’s Autobiography – Excerpts From His 1905 Book

Geronimo age 74, a celebrity

(Italics are my comments to assist readers in understanding the fuller context. jg) DEDICATORY Geronimo: The True Story of America’s Most Ferocious Warrior Because he has given me permission to tell my story; because he has read that story and knows I try to speak the truth; because I believe … Continue reading

Jim Turner – Historian & Public Speaker

Jim Turner, recently retired from the Arizona Historical Society, is a professional Arizona historian, author, and public speaker whose talks both educate & entertain a range of audiences: retirees, teachers, service clubs and professional & business conferences & conventions. His range of knowledge and informative talks also include broader subjects, … Continue reading

Get your Southern Arizona Audubon Fields Trips here!

As every birder probably knows local Audubon Society pages are a great resource and reference for Birding and ecology. Check out the following page for Birding Trips. Audubon Field Trips Other events and Educational courses sponsored by Audubon can be found here. Audubon Events … Continue reading

To Mt. Lemmon Sky Center & Outer Space!

Kitt Peak observable gallaxies

I thought our grandchildren might enjoy a nighttime astronomy program so when Groupon offered half-price tickets to the Sky Center atop Mt Lemmon, I snapped up five and made reservations for late August when our 14.5 and 16 year-old grandsons, Morgan & Jon, where scheduled to visit here for a few weeks.

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Map of Apache Country

A Map of a scenic drive through Apache Country. From Fort Lowell in east Tucson, to Fort Bowie, to Cochise Stronghold, to Chiricahua National Monument and back to Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista

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Why The Apaches Were Defeated

Geronimo, 2 sons and nephew

The Apaches lost their wars against the Mexicans and Americans for six basic reasons.

First, the Apaches were hopelessly outnumbered. When an Apache chief, such as Cochise, lost a warrior in battle, there was no replacement until one of the younger boys grew up and became a warrior. All an American or Mexican military officer usually had to do when he lost men was call for readily available replacements. It was a war of attrition.

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