Old Pueblo Grille: A Review

First, right there on the Metro Restaurants website, it says they are partners with El Charro Café, one of the very few places (the original downtown) in all of Southern Arizona that has earned a 5-Saguaro rating from us. By association, Old Pueblo Grille was sure to be a great dining experience.

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Sushi Yukari; Is it The Best Japanese Restaurant In Tucson?

Sushi Yukari Food

This is a review of a Tucson Japanese restaurant. But first …  Disclaimers:   I have never been to Japan, so I have no idea what REALLY GOOD Japanese cuisine is suppose to taste like. Asian food is not my favorite. I have an aversion to the idea of eating seaweed and raw fish. Besides, […]

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Scordato’s Pizzeria (formerly Pizzeria Vivace )- Central Tucson

Designer Pizza

Updated July 2012 – Recently renamed Scordatos, after the owner, because people kept confusing it with Vivace, I had never heard of Pizzeria Vivace (pronounced Va-Vaa’-Chee) until I was looking though some other restaurant reviews recently and found that it was rated very highly. It’s located in the St. Philip’s … Continue reading