Ruby Arizona: Our Best Ghost Town

Ruby Interviewing Howard

Ruby Arizona is about 12 miles from Arivaca. About half way there, the road goes from pavement to dirt. But it’s well-maintained and a standard sedan can easily travel on it (unless of course the area gets a hard rain). Again, do not rely on your GPS. ******************** Ruby was a mining […]

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The Girls by an Old West Saloon in Arivaca

The Girls

These white cows are affectionately known as “The Girls” in Arivaca, Arizona. Headed down the main street they appear to be headed for La Gitana Cantina, bragged on as being the oldest continually run saloon in the state, circa 1880. This scene is typical of the view you may see … Continue reading

Get your Southern Arizona Audubon Fields Trips here!

As every birder probably knows local Audubon Society pages are a great resource and reference for Birding and ecology. Check out the following page for Birding Trips. Audubon Field Trips Other events and Educational courses sponsored by Audubon can be found here. Audubon Events … Continue reading

The Village of Arivaca, The Ghost Town Of Ruby, & Sweet Peas Cafe’!

Arivaca Lakeshore

The road from Amado to Arivaca winds through rolling, mesquite-covered hills. It’s obviously very popular with cyclists, motor and otherwise.
Just before we arrived in town, we came to the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge where, by appointment, we met and interviewed Richard Conway, a local geologist and Mary Scott, a seasoned birdwatcher and wildlife photographer.

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