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My film crew and entourage.

March, 2012
Each month, (maybe), you can enjoy First Saturday in Arivaca, a small village 25 miles west of I-19 at Amado. I was invited by local resident Paula Perino to check out their First Saturday festivities. Paula arranged for me to conduct several on-camera interviews with the local VIP’s and enjoy lunch at Arivaca’s new restaurant, Sweet Peas Cafe, before we headed on down the road to the ghost town of Ruby. There we were scheduled to do an on-camera interview with Howard Frederick, one of the partners who own Ruby.


The road from Amado to Arivaca winds through rolling, mesquite-covered hills. It’s obviously very popular with cyclists, motor and otherwise.
Just before we arrived in town, we came to the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge where, by appointment, we met and interviewed Richard Conway, a local geologist and Mary Scott, a seasoned birdwatcher and wildlife photographer.

Given the quantity and diversity of wildlife here, the BANWR is a worthy destination. Walking the trails in the Cienega and Refuge is a walk back in time before the Spanish, then Mexicans, then Anglos settled here.

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