Things to do in Willcox, Arizona

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Here are our recommendations for the best things do around Willcox, Arizona. Most have something to do with the area’s history or its vineyards.

Willcox is about an hour and a half east of Tucson on I-10. The town has seen better days, but fortunately the citizens have preserved many of the historic buildings. Some are pre-1920. Others were build pre-1900. So one of the best things to do around Willcox is to take the short, self-guided walking tour of historic downtown. Click HERE to identify each historic site below.

Historic Willcox Walking Tour Map

Historic Willcox Walking Tour Map

Rex Allen Museum

The main attraction in historic downtown Willcox along Railroad Avenue is the Rex Allen Museum. If you are younger than 65 as of 2012, it is unlikely you will know who Rex Allen was.

Rex Allen: Western Movie Star

Rex Allen: Western Movie Star

Through the 1950’s & ’60’s, Mr. Allen was a singer-songwriter, Western movie star, and narrator for many Disney nature films.

At one time, he was almost as famous as Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. In all, he starred and sang in 19 Westerns, and earned a star on Hollywood Blvd.

So popular was Mr. Allen that he became a comic book character for Dell Comics. With his trademark white Stetson, he was always the good guy. In his movies, he had a sidekick for comic relief: first Buddy Ebsen (later star of Beverly Hillbillies), then Slim Pickens.

Willcox Rex Allen MuseumRex Allen was known as the Arizona Cowboy. His museum exhibits a lot of memorabilia, shows some of his old Westerns, and plays his music. His statue (and his ashes) are across the street in Railroad Park.

Marty Robbins Museum

Today (2012), far more people are familiar with the Western ballads of Marty Robbins than the songs of Rex Allen. Mr. Robbins has a small museum next to Rex Allen’s. A singer-songwriter, Mr. Robbins wrote and sang such hits as “A White Sportcoat”,  “My Woman, My Wife”, “El Paso”, and “Big Iron”.

Both Frankie Lane and Elvis Presley recorded Mr. Robbins’ “You Gave Me A Mountain”.

The Academy of Country Music honored Marty Robbins by naming him Artist of the Decade (1960’s). In 1982, he was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Like Mr. Allen, he has a star on Hollywood Blvd. and Arizona claims him for its own.

Willcox Wine Tasting

Next to the Allen & Robbins Museums on Railroad Avenue is the Keeling Schaefer Vineyards’ Wine Tasting Room in the restored 1917 Willcox Bank & Trust building. This is a fine venue that includes an worthwhile art gallery.

Willcox Dining

In historic downtown Willcox: Big Tex BBQ. This is just around the corner from Railroad Park. The restaurant is an old railroad car. Excellent BBQ ribs.

Two miles west of Willcox: Coronado Vineyards. This is one of our favorites. Here you can taste their various wines and also enjoy dinner overlooking the vineyard.

Willcox Lodging

I-10 runs through Willcox. Thus, there are many modern motels: Days Inn, Holiday Inn, etc. Pick your favorite.

Willcox Annual Events

January: Wings Over Willcox. Celebrates the arrival of the migrating Sandhill Cranes.
October: Rex Allen Days. Celebrates the Old West in general and the Western movie star and singer-songwriter in particular.

Near Willcox

Chiricahua National Monument: Wonderland of Rocks

Chiricahua National Monument: Wonderland of Rocks

Chiricahua National Monument
About an hour south of Willcox is one of our favorite places: Chiricahua National Monument. Wildlife, fantastic rock formations, hiking, camping, and birdwatching.

Once you enter the Monument, stop at the visitor center to get oriented and find out the schedule for guided tours of Faraway Ranch. Take the tour. To view our photos and notes on our road trip to the Monument, click HERE.

Muleshoe Ranch Visitor Center

Muleshoe Ranch Visitor Center

Muleshoe Ranch
About an hour NW of Willcox on a fairly well-maintained dirt road is Muleshoe Ranch Preserve. Click HERE for our Muleshoe feature.This is a Southern Arizona paradise. Take a picnic or rent one of their casitas for a night or two. Enjoy the natural hot springs under the stars. Excellent!

Ruins of Ft. Bowie Calvary Barracks

Ruins of Ft. Bowie Calvary Barracks

Fort Bowie
About an hour east are the ruins of Fort Bowie. It too is off a fairly well-maintained dirt road, plus an easy hike of about a mile. This fort was hugely important from the 1860’s through the final surrender of Geronimo in 1886. If you are not familiar with its history, please click HERE. For more information about Ft. Bowie, visit the Ft. Bowie National Historic Site.

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Tom Jeffords and the Chiricahua Apache Reservation

Tom Jeffords. Photo taken in 1885.

Share me!Editor’s Note. Karen Weston Gonzales is a talented free lance writer. I first read her story about Southern Arizona pioneer, Tom Jeffords, in Tombstone Times to which I subscribe. The story is reprinted here with permission. The story is true and offers a clear account of one of the … Continue reading

Fort Bowie, Arizona Territory: 1862 – 1894. A Pictorial.

Ruins of Fort Bowie, Arizona.

For a quarter century, 1861 to 1886, Ft. Bowie was prime real estate known as Apache Pass. The Americans wanted it for their stagecoaches & supply wagons. The Chiricahua Apaches wanted it because their people had lived here for at least two centuries. Both sides were willing to pay for it in blood.

Continue reading

Coronado Vineyards Near Willcox Az

Coronado Vineyards Willcox Az

Coronado Vineyards is just off the I-10 (exit 344) a few miles east of Willcox. To our delight, they had a great wine-tasting offer. Six different wines to sample plus the wine glass for only $7.00. Now, if the wines are any good, this could be a bonanza.

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Willcox Area and Willcox Wines

Southern Az Wine Grapes

Share me!(October 2, 2011) Ms. Karen and I enjoyed our backroad travels yesterday in Cochise County – Southeastern Arizona. Stopped at the Rex Allen Museum in Willcox for the first time. The crowd was celebrating Rex Allen Days. Definitely esoteric local history. Which, by the way, I enjoy. I meet … Continue reading

Willcox Museums

Willcox Rex Allen Museum

Share me!Willcox is about an hour’s drive east of Tucson on I-10. There are several venues of interest in the vicinity, including; Marty Robbins Museum. A White Sport Coat; El Paso; My Woman, My Woman, My Wife. ‘Nuff said. Adjacent to the Rex Allen Museum. 156 N. Railroad Ave. Willcox … Continue reading

Cochise Stronghold Natural Apache Fortress

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This rugged natural fortress was, for some 15 years, the home and base of operations for the famed Chiricahua Apache Chief, Cochise.  Cochise and about 1,000 of his followers, of whom some 250 were warriors, located here.  Sentinels, constantly on watch from the towering pinnacles of rock, could spot their enemies in the valley below and sweep down without warning in destructive raids.  No White Eyes, man, woman or child, within a hundred miles was safe from these attacks. Click here to read more. Enjoy Hiking, birdwatching, rockclimbing. Stargazing or just cooling off in the 5000ft. Elevation. Camping is available and run by the BLM. RV’s no longer than 30′. There are 9 tent or RV sites, and 2 group sites.

Nearby lodging
Cochise Stronghold B&B.
Sunglow Ranch

Apache-history_115For more information on the Apaches and the history surrounding the Apache Wars, see our page on the Local History of the Apaches.

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Amerind Foundation & Museum


Share me!The Amerind Museum is an internationally acclaimed Museum and research facility located between Benson and Willcox. The museum boasts an impressive collection of Native American artifacts as well as paintings by western artists. Nestled in Texas Canyon, the old Spanish Revival Museum is home to one of the world’s … Continue reading