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Here are some of our recommendations for Things To Do In Bisbee, Arizona plus Lodging, Dining, History, Events, and lots of photographs. You will be amazed and delighted at how little Bisbee has changed.

Colored Postcard of Bisbee, AZ circa 1905. Courtesy of Goose Flats Graphics & Publishing, Tombstone, AZ.

Colored Postcard of Bisbee, AZ circa 1905. Courtesy of Goose Flats Graphics & Publishing, Tombstone, AZ.

Things To Do

Bisbee is a mining town, or was. Like many mining towns it is situated up against a steep hill. Walking the streets of Bisbee is a journey back to the late 19th and early 20th century. Just exploring the shops, restaurants, galleries, and other establishments housed in these fine old buildings is a pleasant way to spend a morning or afternoon.
Take a Golf Cart Tour of the city. Much easier on the knees than walking and get a good dose of history to boot! There are also jeep tours of the historic district and mines.
The primary historic district includes Main Street, Brewery Gulch, OK Street, Tombstone Canyon, and much of the surrounding hillsides.
Bisbee has several fine art galleries and antique shops. A lot of folks go there just to people-watch. One might describe Bisbee’s hippy & biker inhabitants as “colorful”. The old saloons, such as St. Elmo’s along Brewery Gulch, are good places to make acquaintance with the indigenous population.

I have generally found Bisbee-ites of all stripes to be friendly and helpful. More than anything, Bisbee is a pleasant state of mind: laid-back, a little quirky, but with a definite sense of community. The people who live here really want to be here.

Bisbee's Attractions

Bisbee Mining Museum - An Introduction to Mining in Bisbee

See our original videos of two of Bisbee's main attractions:
Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum and Meet Pete on the Queen Mine Tour.

Lodging Recommendations

Hotel San Ramon, wonderfully restored, excellent service and attention to detail.
Arizona & Calumet Guesthouse B&B This is a fine Bed & Breakfast located in the Warren District two miles south of Old Town Bisbee. In this video you will meet Joy Timbers, the proprietor.

Eldorado Suites Hotel: Bisbee, AZ

Eldorado Suites Hotel: Bisbee, AZ

Eldorado Hotel Suites
The Eldorado is 12 roomy suites located on OK Street. The front suites overlook Brewery Gulch. Very comfortable.
Inn at Castle Rock and Hazel's Table 10 Private Dining. As quirky as the town itself. A fun experience.
The Copper City Inn is a fine "new" addition to the Bisbee Hotel group. See the Review.
Other Bisbee Lodging Reviews You May Find Useful.
Bisbee Grand Hotel
Copper Queen Hotel

Dining Recommendations

Santiago's Restaurant Bisbee

The Bar at Santiago's Mexican Restauant, Bisbee.

Bisbee has some of the best restaurants in all of Southern Arizona. Of the 9 Southern Arizona Restaurants that we rate 5-Saguaro (Best of the Best), three are in Bisbee. For our Bisbee Dining Reviews, click Here.

Bisbee History

The Bisbee Massacre is about a robbery in 1883 that went bad ... real bad.
For other stories of Bisbee's History visit here.

Bisbee Slideshows

Bisbee is extremely photogenic. Take your camera and see what compelling images you can capture. See our slideshows below.

Other Bisbee Resources

Cochise County Tourism Council
Bisbee Chamber of Commerce
Bisbee Visitors Center
City of Bisbee

Reading Recommendations

First there is Miss Karen's Favorite:
Going Back to Bisbee by Richard Shelton. It is the story of a professor's trip back to Bisbee after many years. Scenic and memorable, if you know Cochise County, you will recognize many places.
One of Bisbee's Best Selling authors is J.A. Jance. Jance is famous for the Joanna Brady novels, a series of books about the Sheriff of Cochise County. jance uses Cochise County and Bisbee as a backdrop for her detective novels. Quite entertaining, it begins with this one: Desert Heat (Joanna Brady Mysteries)

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Hotel San Ramón In Bisbee Arizona: A Review.

Hotel San Ramón with Santiago's on the ground floor.

For reasons I cannot explain, Bisbee has some of the very best restaurants in Southern Arizona. Fortuitously, Bisbee also has a couple of fine old hotels. The Hotel San Ramón is one. Bisbee’s historic district is one of the finest examples of early 20th century American cities anywhere. Just walking … Continue reading

Bisbee Grand Hotel Bed & Breakfast: A Review.

Bisbee Grand Hotel Front HDR 02 Final

I have had the pleasure of staying in many historical hotels & inns, including European castles. Considering their antiquity, travelers have to decide if the experience of living temporarily in a relic is worth doing without certain modern amenities and putting up with a few quirks & inconveniences.

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Santiago’s Mexican Restaurant, Bisbee

Santiago's Restaurant Bisbee

Just about every time I have gone to Bisbee over the past year I have tried to dine at Santiago’s Mexican Restaurant. However, something always managed to spoil my plans…until last week.I had heard a lot of positive comments about Santiago’s as I wandered Old Bisbee taking photographs and talking with the natives. Now I know why. Just walking in the front door will put a smile on your face. The interior is light and colorful, even playful. Very Mexican in the best possible sense. Santiago’s is a happy place.

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