Restored Silver King Hotel: Florence, AZ

Restored Silver King Hotel: Florence, AZ

Here are our recommendations for Things To Do In Florence AZ including: dining, lodging, attractions; plus some interesting history.

Florence is an historic Western town about 70 miles NE of Tucson via Route 79, the old highway between Tucson and Phoenix that saw heavy use before the Interstate was built. Now Rt. 79 is just a pleasant back road.

In 2009, True West Magazine named Florence #4 on its Top 10 True West Towns. A year later, Florence jumped to #2.

Restored Brunenkant's City Bakery now houses the Florence Chamber of Commerce.

Restored Brunenkant's City Bakery.

This high ranking is because Florence has preserved so many of its original buildings, such as the Old Courthouse and the partially restored Silver King Hotel.

Visitor Center, McFarland State Park & The Old Courthouse

A good place to start your visit to Florence is the Visitor Center located at McFarland State Park in the Historic District. Florence has over 140 historic buildings exhibiting architectural styles from the early Territorial Period to the 1950's.
At the Visitor Center you can get the device you need for a self-guided audio tour that will take you around a 1.4 mile loop that highlights the most significant buildings in the Historic District. If you don't require the audio version, you can download the walking tour map HERE. Read More

A Stroll Through St. Anthony’s Monastery!

The Abbott's home overlooking St. Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastery.

Florence Arizona is about 75 miles NE of Tucson on Highway 79. Saint Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery is on the way from Tucson to Florence. We had wanted to visit this monastery for years, but each time we were at or near Florence, we did not have the proper attire. … Continue reading

Florence, AZ: The Death of Tom Mix

In 1929, Wyatt Earp died in Los Angeles, nearly broke. For years, he had tried unsuccessfully to sell his life story to Hollywood producers. At his funeral, one of his pallbearers was Tom Mix, the rich, famous, and handsome star of silent westerns. Eleven years later, his movie career in decline, Mix died in a car accident 20 miles south of Florence.

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Medicinal Plants of the Sonoran Desert

Take a walk with a docent at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. For those of you who are not familiar with the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, it is well worth the trip. The Arboretum, part of the State Park system is much like the Desert Museum, only with more water, lush plant … Continue reading

Big Bird Lives At The Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch!

Male Ostrich

I imagine that anyone who lives in Tucson, Arizona has passed by the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch along I-10, at Picacho Peak many times. And I imagine that most Tucsonans have, as they passed by doing 85, thought to themselves that some day they would stop in and see what … Continue reading