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"I see you, rabbit."

"I see you, rabbit."

Some of you have asked about the image of a dog in our banner and the words: Devil Dog Productions LLC. That's our dog, Buddy. And Devil Dog is our production company.

It consists of Ms. Karen, myself (Jim), two MacBookPros, two Canon Rebels and 6 lenses, an IPhone, a Samsung Android S5, and Bud. He goes by “Bud” or “Buddy” in the same way Superman goes by Clark Kent.

Bud is a very important member of our team. I'll explain. Years ago, when we first moved here from L.A., Ms. Karen planted a substantial rose garden just beyond the kitchen window. She also planted many other kinds of plants out and about and so our yard has beautiful flowers nearly everywhere. But in the beginning, there was this little problem: rabbits.

Rabbits would get in the yard and make delicious salads out of Ms. Karen's roses and other plants. We spent a lot of time just chasing them out. One hot July afternoon, we walked out on the main patio and saw 13 rabbits all stretched out on the grass in the shade casually munching away. Now I could empathize with Elmer Fudd and my affinity for Bugs Bunny was waning fast. Something had to be done, but what?

I matter-of-factly explained to Ms. Karen that I could shoot them. "You can't shoot bunnies," she exclaimed in horror. "They're so cute."

"Well, what then," I asked.

"We'll get a dog," she said. And that was the end of that discussion. Off we went to the dog pound on Silverbell Road. Read More