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Tubac Golf Resort: Island Green.

Tubac Golf Resort: Island Green. Portions of the golf course can be viewed from Stables Ranch Grille.

Summer 2013 - Neighbor Roy & I enter Stables Ranch Grille at Tubac Golf Resort with just enough local historical knowledge to be dangerous. Once past the thick mesquite front door we are walking on a cobblestone floor that is well over 200 years old. Had we been here back in the day, we would be standing in one of the horse stables on the Otero family’s cattle ranch. Around here there’s lots of things “Otero”: Otero Road; Otero Hall; etc.

Stables Dining Rm 02In 1691, Father Kino established a mission at Tumacácori 4 miles south of here on the Santa Cruz River. One mile south is the Village of Tubac, also on the Santa Cruz & once a Pima Indian* village that was colonized by the Spanish in the early 1700’s.

(* Some Pimas were called Papago Indians by the Spanish, essentially “bean eaters”. Now they are known as Tohono O’odham: Desert People, which is how they always referred to themselves.)

In 1751, the Indians revolted against the Spanish and wiped out the Tubac & Tumacácori settlements. Understandably, this upset the Spanish colonists.

The next year, 1752, Spanish conquistadors took their revenge & the Pimas surrendered. Determined not to permit any more Indian uprisings, the Spanish established El Presidio (fort) San Ignacio de Tubac to protect their people & property.

In 1787, with ever-more garrisoned soldiers at the fort, the commandant needed a sizeable and steady source of meat and produce. So, in January 1789, the commandant of the Tubac Presidio signed a land grant in the name of the Spanish king, Charles IV, that gave Don Toribio de Otero ownership of 400 acres adjacent to Tubac. Read More

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