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Editor's Note: Sadly Saint House is now closed. A Rum Bar After it's time perhaps.
Saint House Rum Bar Logo(September 2013) Dr. Gil & I meet over lunch or dinner 2-3 times a year to solve the most pressing problems of the world. He’s a successful Tucson physician, and his interests are wide-ranging, including politics, religion, & international travel. So conversations tend to be lively. They usually begin with a discussion of his most recent guest column in the Arizona Daily Star.

Gil let’s me choose the restaurant because he knows I prefer to dine at establishments that I have not yet reviewed. Yet, I don’t like reviewing places that are less than a year old because I don’t like writing negative reviews. It takes most restaurants at least a year to reach their optimum performance, both for food & service. During that initial shakeout period, it’s not unusual to have a complete turnover in staff or to close their doors.

I was running out of new places to review having critiqued over 80 restaurants in the last year & a half. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of established, locally owned restaurants that have received consistently high praise over a long period of time.
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