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Royal Elizabeth Front copyAs I stood on the front porch of the Royal Elizabeth Bed and Breakfast, I looked around at the surrounding Downtown Tucson community. I tried to image what it was like when this magnificent Victorian home was built in 1878.

In my imagination, the modern skyline disappeared immediately. Back then, Tucson was comprised of mostly one and occasionally two-story adobe homes and commercial buildings with flat roofs. Most of the homes were barely more than dirt floor hovels. The population was about 7,000. Essentially, Tucson was nothing but a poor, hot, dirty, Mexican town with nothing we would consider today as essentials, such as indoor plumbing, electricity, and telephones.

An early neighborhood in Downtown Tucson.

An early neighborhood in Downtown Tucson. Colorized Postcard courtesy of Donovan Durband Collection

Of course, the streets were not paved. They would have been very dusty most of the year, and very muddy in the wet seasons. The dominant scent would have emanated from manure.Read More