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Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain

In the summer of 2012, Neighbor Roy and I took off in search of the most expensive lunch in Tucson. We wanted to do our part to contribute to the under-performing Tucson economy. I am delighted to report that we found it. Or, to put it another way, they saw us coming.

The Ritz Carlton is new to this area. I've stayed at a few over the years, and particularly enjoy the Ritz just south of Laguna Beach, CA. It sits magnificently on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and a view of Santa Catalina Island 26 miles off shore. So I knew lunch at their new resort at Dove Mountain north of Tucson was not going to be cheap.

After a 40 minute drive from Downtown Tucson, we approached the lodge and both of us exclaimed almost in unison; "That's the ugliest building in Tucson." I'm sure whoever designed the exterior tried to make this very large hotel/resort blend in with its beautiful Tortalito Mountain backdrop. He or she did not succeed. The only hotel/resort that might have an uglier exterior is the new JW Marriott at Starr Pass. What were they thinking?

Ritz Carlton Resort, Dove Mountain

As we transferred the car to the valet and entered the main lobby, all thought of the exterior became inconsequential. WOW! Let me think of a better word. Dramatic. Tasteful. Artistic. Well, you get the idea.

The main restaurant is open for breakfast and dinner, but not lunch. So we had a choice: the Latin Grill on the other side of one of the biggest swimming pools I've ever seen; or the bar, which had a view of the pool and also the saguaro-covered hills. As we were already only a few yards from the bar, that was an easy choice. Read More