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May 2012 - I have discovered a second Asian restaurant that I can whole-heartedly recommend.
The first was OM Modern Asian Kitchen with its delicious and eclectic choices of Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Malaysian. And unlike most Asian restaurants in Tucson, OM has a small, but well-chosen selection of wines.

A Plate of Kazoku's Sashimi

A Plate of Kazoku's Sashimi

In my continuing quest to determine the three best Asian restaurants in Tucson, Ms. Stella and I headed over to Kazoku Sushi & Japanese Cuisine on East Speedway for lunch. As we walked in the front door, the chef, who was behind the sushi bar preparing the day’s meals, greeted us with a warm smile.

The hostess, a slight, pleasant Asian woman, seated us promptly. While Ms. Stella chatted with her about certain particulars on the menu, I had a chance to look around. Continue reading

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