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An Adventure To Silver City, NM. Guest Post by RJ Prawdzik


( Editor’s Note. We occasionally invite guest writers to contribute to Southern Arizona Guide for the benefit of our nearly half-million annual visitors. RJ Prawdzik has been a friend for many years and has accompanied Ms. Karen and me on many adventures around Tucson and Southern Arizona. Here is her … Continue reading

Where is This? Guess Correctly and You Might Win a Prize!

1.20.17 – This pic is a couple of years old. At last we checked renovations were ongoing. Does anyone know where this is? Please submit your best guess to: We will update this post next week with the place, the name of the winner, and some interesting related history. The … Continue reading

Shish Kebab House: Jordanian Cuisine In Tucson Arizona

Shish Kebab Dish at Shish Kebab House Tucson Arizona

Last week I wrote a review of Za’atar, a Tucson “restaurant” that serves Iraqi and Iranian foods, most notably shish kabobs. This traditional Middle Eastern dish consists of bite-size chunks of seasoned meat or fish plus veggies roasted on a skewer and served with rice and various sauces and condiments. … Continue reading