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Editors Note: May, 2015 - Sadly Overland Trout has closed its doors. We will remove this post in due time.

Overland Trout Chef Greg LaPrad.

Overland Trout Chef Greg LaPrad.

November 2013 - Because it was a very rainy late fall Saturday afternoon, we didn’t expect Overland Trout to be all that busy. Apparently we had underestimated the buzz over this new restaurant in Sonoita. Fortunately, we had the foresight to make a reservation.

We had first heard about Overland Trout when we attended the Annual Fall Roundup at Empire Ranch three weeks earlier. Because Sonoita could be on the way from Tucson to Ramsey Canyon, we decided to stop for lunch there one recent Saturday, and then continue on to the Arizona Folklore Preserve where we had reservations for the 2 PM show.

Because the name of this establishment is sufficiently obscure, or at least peculiar, prior to arrival we went to Ask.com to discover its meaning.

“An overland trout is an old Western term that was used to describe pigs and hogs, or sometimes bacon.”

From this explanation, we assumed that Overland Trout serves pork. In that we were correct. Yet, to simply say they serve pork would be an understatement. They serve “out-of-this-world-delicious pork, and in a variety of dishes. I’ve never had better. And the same can confidently be said for their beef dishes.
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