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monkey-burgerSpring 2013. I do not know why, but there has been a rash of burger joints opening around Tucson recently. I mean, even the Ritz Carlton opened a specialty burger bar. With their usual pretentiousness, they named it Cayton’s Burger Bistro at The Golf Club at Dove Mountain.
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Editor's Note, October 23, 2013: Monkey Burger downtown is currently closed. Monkey Burger on Broadway remains.
So, Neighbor Roy & I have set ourselves upon a mission to once again select the best burger in Tucson. Last year the winner of the coveted #1 ranking on Southern Arizona Guide was Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar. And it may be again, but we thought we should now review the entire spectrum of wannabes.

Our first candidate was Monkey Burger Downtown on 6th Avenue. Roy’s an old-time Tucsonan and knows the location was, at one time, one of several seedy dive bars in this area. But the area is getting cleaned up even if the buildings are showing their advanced age.

Whatever the owners spent to get this place operational, they certainly didn’t overspend on interior decorating. The interior makes McDonald’s look upscale. The most notable feature is stuck in a corner by a front window. It’s a three and a half foot tall sculpture of a chimp … which seems odd since a chimpanzee is not a monkey.

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