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Ramsey Canyon is EXCEPTIONAL! Tombstone and Bisbee are essentials unless, of course you are a birder. If you have an extra day, do visit Ramsey Canyon. Plenty of hiking and birding here. Hike up the mountain. Spy on the many varieties of birds and other critters. Revel in Nature.

Sonoran Desert Toad
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The Ramsey Canyon preserve is one of four sites in Southern Arizona protected by the Nature Conservancy. Debbie Arbenz recently took over for Liz Sockness managing the book store at the visitors center. Liz provided us with many fine photographs of Baja Arizona in general and Ramsey Canyon in particular. If you go there, say 'Hi' to Debbie for us.

I wish I could recommend a nearby place of lodging. We will follow up on that one.

27 East Ramsey Canyon Road,
Hereford AZ 85615-9613
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Photographs courtesy of Liz Sockness at Ramsey Canyon Visitors Center