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A while back, we wrote an article to help those First Time Visitors to Tucson. As the weather warms, we suggest a few hidden treasures that those of you who live in or near Tucson may have never heard of; or may have not gotten to yet. When we first arrived in Tucson, it was several years before we heard of these places. That is why they are included. We hope that this will provide some impetus to branch out and do something out of the ordinary. For a beautiful slideshow of hidden treasures and attractions visit Hidden Treasures here. Here is our list:

Hikers & Birders

Nature Conservancy cabin at Aravaipa Canyon EastBrandenburg Station  Aravaipa Canyon West Entrance. Camp at the entrance, stay at the Aravaipa Farms Guest Ranch or hike in a bit and camp.
Klondyke Station - Our choice for "Camping". All equipped cabin. They have what you forgot to bring.
Muleshoe Ranch Preserve - Lovely place if you like your nature with amenities.
Carr Canyon - Perhaps everyone has heard of Ramsey Canyon, part of the Nature Conservancy. Right down the road to the next canyon is Carr Canyon, a bit rougher, but more enjoyable in it's own way. You feel like the discovery is yours. Head to the top and you will find a wonderful area called Reef Townsite Campground. You will need a high clearance vehicle. Great Camping, definitely cooler. Bring a picnic lunch. Click to Continue Reading