Pima County Hot Spots Map

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Hot Spots in Pima County

Place your cursor over any hotspot. Then click on the option in the pop-up balloon. If you are having trouble clicking from Internet Explorer, viewing the spots,or just don't like the map.. Click here for an Alternate Pop up Map.

Hohokam Ruins In Catalina State Park

Susan and Charlea at Romero Ranch Ruins

On a perfect Saturday in February, our friends from New York, Susan & Charlea, went with Ms. Karen, Molly Dog, & me to Catalina State Park in Oro Valley. After paying the $7 entry fee, we found a pleasant picnic area and fortified ourselves before hiking the archeological site on the ridge across the road.

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Behind the Scenes at the Desert Museum


There is a relatively new set of in-depth tours at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum that will delight anyone who wants a closer look at the critters at the museum. If you have been visiting the Desert Museum for years, this is your opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of the Museum.

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Colossal Cave Mountain Park

Colossal Caves Overlook

Colossal Cave Mountain Park is one of our favorite Southern Arizona attractions. The Park is a great place to take the kids and it’s only 25 miles from Downtown Tucson. Activities include cave exploring, horseback riding, hayrides and banquet facilities, hiking, primitive camping, birdwatching, 2 museums, a small restaurant, and … Continue reading

Old Tucson: A Slideshow

Freight Depot Featured Photo

Old Tucson has served as a movie studio for over 300 Westerns, TV productions and commercials. Today, it’s an Old West theme park that is both entertaining and educational. In April 2012, I attended the Western Music Festival & Art Show there and took these photographs. Old Tucson is closed to the public during the hot summer months, but is open October – May.

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Free Flight Program at the Desert Museum

Video Courtesy: Mike MacNeel The Raptor Free Flight Program at the Desert Museum starts in October when the weather starts to cool down. It usually ends mid-April. They do not fly the birds in the hot weather May through September. … Continue reading

Pusch Peak Hike

The trail head is almost to Oro Valley off Oracle. This is a strenuous hike, but the view from the summit is worthwhile. Plan on 2 – 3 hours up and an hour down. From the summit on a clear day you can see all the way to Kitt Peak … Continue reading

To Mt. Lemmon Sky Center & Outer Space!

Kitt Peak observable gallaxies

I thought our grandchildren might enjoy a nighttime astronomy program so when Groupon offered half-price tickets to the Sky Center atop Mt Lemmon, I snapped up five and made reservations for late August when our 14.5 and 16 year-old grandsons, Morgan & Jon, where scheduled to visit here for a few weeks.

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