Southern Arizona Ghost Towns and Tours

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Gleeson-Saloon_FooterThis listing is about the Arizona ghost towns that we have found here in Southern Arizona. Ghost Towns in Arizona are mostly about mining boom and bust. We would include Tombstone, but it survives. Click here to see Tombstone in the 1930's when it was almost a ghost town. Please feel free to send us a note and tell us about a Ghost Town in your area. Read our stories about some of the ghost towns we have found by clicking on a hotspot below or scrolling down and browsing a list. Explore on your own or take a tour. It has been reported that some ghost towns are currently restricted due to vandalism. Fairbank has an on site docent. The Friends of San Pedro River give tours of Charleston and Millville on occasion. We have heard of a new tour of the old Clanton Ranch coming up as well as a tour of the Charleston Cemetery, (hard to find).

Ghost Towns of Southern Arizona

Ghost Tours of Southern Arizona

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A Hike to the Ghost Town of Charleston Arizona Territory

Wells Fargo Building

March 14, 2015 – Having been to many of the more accessible ghost towns, Ms. Rosemary and I (Ms. Karen) decided to hike to the remote ghost town of Charleston Arizona Territory. Led by our docent, Richard Bauer, this was a Friends of the San Pedro River “Members Only” hike, … Continue reading

SASCO the Forgotten Ghost Town

Rockland Hotel

SASCO is a ghost town north of Tucson and just south of Picacho Peak. It was the smelter for the first Silverbell mine, which was 12 miles to the southwest and connected by rail. We had visited SASCO ten years ago; before we were Southern Arizona Guide and we had … Continue reading

A Day In Santa Cruz County

Harshaw Township Sign

Santa Cruz County is still sparsely populated and remains an excellent destination for bird and wildlife photographers, hikers, ghost town hunters, kayakers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

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Guided Hike to Charleston Ruins

Millville Trail Head Sign

For all you Ghost Town fanatics. Occasionally, the Friends of San Pedro River conduct a Members-only guided hike to Charleston Ruins. Charleston was a town on the west bank of the San Pedro River, directly across from Millville, that processed ore from Tombstone. When the mines in Tombstone were flooded … Continue reading

Fairbank AZ: Ghost Town

Fairbank, AZ Restored Schoolhouse.

Fairbank is a Southern Arizona ghost town, and one of the best preserved, thanks to numerous conservation efforts. It’s located in the San Pedro Riparian Conservation Area about 10 miles west of Tombstone. Here conservation efforts have saved the San Pedro River, a haven for dozens of species of critters and birds.

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Klondyke Arizona: (Almost) Ghost Town

Klondyke Arizona: Restored Cabin of Jeff Power.

Klondyke is a near-ghost town in western Graham County. In the second decade of the 21st century, the only roads out there are still unpaved. The Klondyke cemetery is just southeast of town. There you will find the graves of the Thomas Jefferson “Jeff” Power and his family. Few know the sad story of these […]

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Bisbee Grand Hotel Bed & Breakfast: A Review.

Bisbee Grand Hotel Front HDR 02 Final

I have had the pleasure of staying in many historical hotels & inns, including European castles. Considering their antiquity, travelers have to decide if the experience of living temporarily in a relic is worth doing without certain modern amenities and putting up with a few quirks & inconveniences.

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Ghost Town Slideshow – Gleeson, Pearce, Courtland, Cochise, AZ

Cochise Hotel

Ghost Town Trail: A road trip through Southeastern Arizona from Gleeson to Courtland to Pearce to Cochise.
These were all mining boomtowns in the early decades of the 20th century. While each had its own distinct character, they all succumbed to the same fate. When their mines played out, the inhabitants left for better pickings.

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Ghosts of Bisbee

Upstairs at the Grand Hotel in Bisbee Historic District

Ghosts like Bisbee or perhaps Bisbee likes their Ghosts. I have stayed overnight at the Eldorado Suites Hotel in Bisbee, but did not encounter any ghosts. Nor was I promised any such encounters. Lots of places in Bisbee are “said” to be haunted. The historic old Grand Hotel on Main Street, for example. Lindsey, the bartender there described to me several otherworldly “events” she had personally experienced. Spooky.

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Thar Be Ghosts In Downtown Tucson!

Bisbee Hearse Ghost Tour

Despite the fact that yesterday, June 15, 2012, the official daytime temperature at Downtown Tucson was 104 degrees, last night was downright chilling. Allow me to explain. I had signed up for a ghost tour of Downtown. Mounted on Zippy, my trusty red scooter, I met our ghost host, Jean Pierre, at the appointed time […]

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Tombstone: The Town Too Tough To Die Almost Did


By the 1930’s, Tombstone was dying. The mining boomtown of the 1880’s was long gone. In 1882, Tombstone residents numbered between 6,000 and 7,000. By the time these photographs were taken, the nation was deep in the Great Depression, and Tombstone was almost a ghost town.

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Gleeson Ghost Town & Rattlesnake Oddities

Rattlesnake Crafts was located about 15 miles east of Tombstone on a well maintained dirt road.

Our April 2012 road trip took us first to the ghost town of Gleeson (yes, that’s how they spelled it). After a look around at some of the ruins, we headed west toward Tombstone on a dirt road for just a few miles until we saw the sign for Rattlesnake Crafts, one of Southern Arizona’s stranger places. John & Sandy Weber make and sell wallets, belts, and other items out of rattlesnake skins. They also have a significant collection of gems and Old West artifacts.

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In The Middle of Nowhere: Rattlesnake Crafts & Rocks!

Rattlesnake Shop AZ

One of the stranger places we visited on our tour of Southeastern Arizona is John & Sandy’s Rattlesnake Crafts & Rocks. John makes wallets, belts, and other useful items and souvenirs out of rattlesnake skins and sells them out of an old trailer. He also collects a lot of stuff others have discarded as junk. Here you will find literally tons of Old West artifacts lovingly horded for decades and on display for your amusement. Old signs, bottles, tools, boots, lanterns, you-name-it.

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Ruby Arizona: Our Best Ghost Town

Ruby Interviewing Howard

Ruby Arizona is about 12 miles from Arivaca. About half way there, the road goes from pavement to dirt. But it’s well-maintained and a standard sedan can easily travel on it (unless of course the area gets a hard rain). Again, do not rely on your GPS. ******************** Ruby was a mining […]

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