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What people are saying about our Ghost Town Tour

Lois and I thoroughly enjoyed your Ghost Town tour and was amazed that you got us back to the starting point within a minute of the advertised time - after a 70 minute drive from Tombstone. ... got to visit places we'd never get to on our own - cemeteries, jails, ruined buildings ... my favorite stop was Boothill in Tombstone. Lots of ghosts there.
Richard Chapman

Big Nose Kate's Saloon, Tombstone AZ

While enjoying lunch & libations at Big Nose Kate's Saloon on our most recent Ghost Town Tour, the good ladies of the town held a protest rally through the tables damning the consumption of the Devil's Brew and suggesting us sinners should repent. The Cameo Ladies of Tombstone are great fun.

It will soon be time for another delightful Day Trip to the Ghost Towns of Cochise County.This season (Fall 2016 - Winter 2017) we offer two different Ghost Town Tours.

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