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October, 2012

Elvira's is a restaurant name with which I am familiar. Since 1927, Elvira's was located just across the border in Nogales, Sonora. And was justly famous for excellent Mexican cuisine and fine dining.

Sadly, the original Elvira's is closed and is now only a warehouse for the new Tubac Elvira's. A substantial portion of Elvira's patrons were U.S. citizens who no longer go to Mexico because (a) Homeland Security now requires us to have a U.S. Passport if we want to re-enter and (b) fear of drug cartel violence. Yes, the world has changed and not necessarily for the better.

This new Elvira's was opened in Tubac about two years ago by the son of the original Mexican owner. Thus, it has pedigree, and my expectations were high. Could the sequel be as good? Read More