Eldorado Suites Hotel, Bisbee: A Review.

Eldorado Suites Hotel: Bisbee, AZ

Eldorado Suites Hotel: Bisbee, AZ

This is a very fine historic hotel. It features a private courtyard with patio seating & BBQ in back and panoramic views of the city from its long balconies in front.
Unlike so many old hotels in Southern Arizona that were built mostly of wood more than a hundred years ago, the Eldorado was constructed of concrete in 1914. Eight-inch thick cement walls make this structure not only sturdy for the ages, but remarkably quiet.
Eldorado Suites Hotel Balcony

Eldorado Suites Hotel Balcony

All rooms are not just “a room”, but rather whole suites, each with a modern kitchen, comfortable sitting room with sofa and (can you believe it?) a recliner, and a sizable bedroom with ceiling fan and walk-in closet. And the most comfortable beds in the known universe.
If you are traveling with family or friends, you can reserve a second bedroom or adjacent suite. This place has everything … everything, except a restaurant and coasters for drinks. They even had chilled filtered water in the frig for me. But no coasters. Hummm.
The Eldorado is not a B&B. No food served here. Not that this is a problem even if you didn’t bring your own groceries. It’s easy walking distance to Santiago’s and many other worthwhile restaurants in the historic district. Additionally, many of Bisbee’s early 20th century saloons serve decent pub grub. On this trip, I had an excellent chicken club sandwich at St. Elmo’s bar just down the street from my hotel, but had to order it next door. (Don’t ask. Just do it!)
In the evening, I enjoyed sitting on my veranda overlooking the old city watching the intermittent black monsoon clouds drop torrents of rain and spew bolts of lightening. Quite the show… and FREE!
Is the Eldorado Suites the best place to stay in Bisbee. Perhaps. Probably. At least in the top three. You don’t get the creaky old floors, tiny rooms, and antiquated facilities of some of the old hotels on Main Street. But you do get authentic history, close proximity to most everything you will want to see & do, spacious comfort, interesting views, and modern facilities. No, the Eldorado is not the least expensive. The best of anything seldom is. However, to me it was well worth the $140 price tag ($125+Tax).
Included: Wi-Fi, cable TV, hair dryer, on-site washer & dryer, fully-equipped kitchen, excellent linens & towels, a bear claw bathtub and the best shower this side of an Irish castle.
The Eldorado is not particularly handicap-friendly, but none of these old hotels are. Too many stairs/no elevators. But for the Eldorado’s ground-floor suites, you only have to negotiate a couple of steps.
Not included: ghosts.
I didn’t see any ghosts at the Eldorado. Nor was I promised any.  Lots of places in Bisbee are “said” to be haunted. The historic old Grand Hotel on Main Street, for example. The bartender there described to me several otherworldly “events” she had personally experienced. Spooky.
A few years ago, Ms. Karen, friend Kent, and I stayed up until 2 AM playing poker on the 3rd floor inner-balcony of the Copper Queen Hotel awaiting the arrival of their ghosts. Nothing. Nada. Zip.
If you want to scare yourself, the Eldorado isn’t the place to stay. On the other hand, unlike other places down here, they don’t charge extra for the “possibility”. If you’re serious about finding the ghosts of Bisbee, I suggest you arrange a ghost hunt from a real, certified “paranormal investigator” such as Renee at Old Bisbee Ghost Tours. I have not taken her Bisbee tour, but I did go on her Downtown Tucson Ghost Tour. Great fun! Local history  plus spooks.
If you go to Bisbee, say “Hi from Jim” to the ladies of Eldorado: Kathy, Lisa, and owner, Justine. They made my stay most enjoyable.

Eldorado Suites Hotel: Highly Recommended.
4 StarsEldorado Suites Hotel
55 OK Street
Bisbee, Arizona
(520) 432-6679
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