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The Gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone was only the beginning of the murderous conflict between Wyatt Earp, his brothers and their friends, and the outlaw gang known as 'The Cowboys'. 'The Cowboys' were about two-dozen hard riding, hard drinking ranchers and rustlers, their hired hands and gunslingers. Most notable among them were the Clanton Brothers, Ike and Billy; the McLaury Brothers, Frank and Tom; Johnny Barnes; “Curly Bill” Brocius; Florintino Cruz, aka “Indian Charlie”; Frank Stilwell; and Johnny Ringo.

The Gunfight on Fremont Street

Near the OK Corral on Fremont Street, Tombstone City Marshall Virgil Earp, his deputized brothers Wyatt and Morgan, and Wyatt’s friend, the tubercular, alcoholic faro dealer, and former dentist, Doc Holliday, confronted Frank and Tom McLaury, Ike and Billy Clanton, and Billy Claiborne in a small area adjacent to Fly’s Boarding House and Photography Studio. Read More