Tombstone Lodging

The Best Lodging in Tombstone is not necessarily “IN” Tombstone. If you want a bed, there are plenty. If you want a nice respite, harder to find. We will endeavor to find the better accommodations within a short distance of Tombstone without traveling to Bisbee, so check us out on your next trip to Tombstone.
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Tombstone Bordello Bed & Breakfast

Tombstone Bordello Pool

I must say, it was a pleasant experience. Not because the Bordello is fancy. It’s not. But the bed was comfortable, the garden and pool area most pleasant. And the hostess, Ms. Lynda, a delight.
The Tombstone Bordello has another advantage. It’s only a five minute walk to THE MAIN EVENT – the OK Corral, Big Nose Kate’s, Crystal Palace, Bird Cage Theater, and the Old Courthouse Museum.

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