Which Is The Best Mexican Restaurant In Tucson?

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Folklorico DancersNote: We have dined at each of these 3 Mexican restaurants several times since the reviews were first published. The reviews & rankings still hold true as of July 2014.

People often ask me, "Jim, which is the best Mexican restaurant in Tucson?" I've eaten at so many, but could I give them a fairly objective appraisal?

Over the 2011 holidays, I invited the 13 members of my visiting family to help determine the Best Mexican Restaurant in all of Tucson. After several years of experimenting, I had already discounted several contenders and settled on Three Finalists, listed here in the order we ranked them.

NOTE: This ranking was unanimous.

The 3 Finalists

  1. Cafe' Poca Cosa; Downtown on Pennington.
  2. El Charro Cafe' - Downtown on Court Street near the Tucson Museum of Art & Historic Block.
  3. Theresa's Mosaic Cafe' hidden behind the McDonald's just west of Silverbell & Grant.

Visit them all and decide for yourselves. How would you rank the Best Mexican Restaurants?

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